Author: Roger Jones

A fitness freak, a swimming instructor and an explorer

Training every day has its benefits, which remains for an extended period. Long term goals are always beneficial doesn’t matter how you look at it. Exercising has not disadvantages for people who wants to stay fit. Those who keep the work out aside then move on to the lead a lazy life often end in a health crisis. Many influential people have left the world saying that nothing can buy health. Fitnesstep1 has reviewed hundreds of spin bike over here and you can choose the right model after doing a bit of research around indoor spin bikes.

In the race of health, it has opened many opportunities to several people, who are passionate about the fitness. If you are one of them, who is passionate about it and want to take things to the next level, then you should focus on the workout that will benefit your cycling career or competition.


If you are planning to prepare yourself for coming competition, then that’s a good start because Spin Bike is good for those who want to work out and also increase their stamina, endurance and also increase the peddle time. However, even the spin bike has negative sides, which is avoidable if you are following the right advice.


Those who never miss a day are the winners because they may lose today but when a right moment comes, they will shine brighter than light. So if you are someone who does not follow the rule “CONSISTENCY,” then you better do something else because you will not succeed in it.

Age – Warm Up

Remember, every workout routine is not prepared for all age groups. If you’ve aged between 18 – 30 and weigh between 50KG – 69KG then this method is perfect for you.

Moving to the warm …

If you are someone who is planning to workout every day and stay fit, then you should start with the GYM. There are several GYMS, where the trainers are reputed for their support to their clients. The results are what we all expect. There are hundred’s of equipment in the fitness store which you give it a shot, and it should fit your requirements.Many individuals are taking some time out of the schedule so that they can invest that time into the regular workout. You don’t have to spend three to four hours in the GYM to stay fit, and you don’t have to consume supplements to stay healthy. If you know your requirements and know what your needs are, then you should be able to get the best out of the GYM.HealthThere are users whose desire is to stay slim and have a healthy body. It has several benefits which cannot be compared with any other element. Healthy life leads to the quality of life, and it improves people in several ways. You will be able to do thing much more smoothly and the stay active throughout the day.

Among you, a certain amount of users is suffering from an ailment which does not allow them to take on the fitness programs and go for an intense workout, which is again a drawback for those who wish to exercise. However, the fitness experts listening to your voice and which opens up an opportunity where manufacturers take it as a challenge to provide you the best tech.

Recumbent Bike For Lower Lumbar Pain

Every person has a condition which prohibits them to workout, and it ultimately leads to falling off your health. You need the energy to cope and help your body to get rid of

Still the treadmill is one of the most popular pieces of exercise equipment and it has some appealing characteristics. The treadmills are found in every gym and in many households across the country. The home treadmill has experienced substantial growth over the past few decades. The great attraction of the home treadmill is being able to exercise whenever you want, regardless of the weather. The American treadmill is one of the most popular exercise machines available in the online store. The treadmill provides a solid workout without requiring the user to possess a lot of skill or coordination. The beginners and seasoned exercisers can work to their fitness level. Maximize your treadmill work out by using the features that the machine has to offer. It is important to realize that you may be forgoing many important health benefits of exercise and if you are doing is walking or jogging on a treadmill. it is one of the effective forms of exercise. Follow this blog to stay updated with fitness equipment tips. The high intensity interval training has proven to be far more efficient and effective.Fitness


Features of treadmill:
It provides a ramp or belt upon which you can walk, jog or run at the speeds ranging from one mph to fifteen mph based on the model. The ramp’s is also adjustable from a zero percent grade all the way up to fifteen percent. Some specially made treadmill allow the user to climb as much as thirty percent grade. Most treadmills offer you the ability to program in your weight and age and to estimate calories burned. The console is usually displays mileage and average pace.

You can adjust the speed and ramp incline, a workout on the treadmill can range from easy to extremely challenging. The …

For a few years, myself and Thomas Kofler had discussed a possible swim in Matscherjochsee, the highest lake in the Alps, situated on the Matscherjoch (Matscher pass) at 3190m above sealevel, in the Otzal alps of South Tyrol, Italy. Finally we agreed to attempt it on the first week of August this year. Thomas made a preliminary trip to the lake a few weeks before and confirmed that it was indeed difficult to reach, being on the opposite side of the valley from the nearest mountain hut and over 1300m above the parking place at Glieshof….Swimming

I trusted the assessment of Thomas seeing as he is not only a highly successful long distance and winter swimmer but he is also Tyrolian and in the past has summited some big mountains.
After a short discussion we opted to start from Glieshof and then ascend to the Oberettes Hutte (originally the Carlsbad hut, built by the Prague section of AV in 1882) at 2670m on the other side of the Matsch valley, spending the night there before continuing to the lake the next day. The group consisited of myself, Thomas, Paolo Chiarino of Italy and my club colleague Ivan Petruzela of the Czech Republic.The weather was fine, warm and sunny with only a few clouds and no wind. Day 1 went well as we reached the hut in time for dinner at 7pm. We discussed the itinerary for the next day and opted to try the traverse at the end of the valley rather than descending and then ascending to reach the pass and thus the lake. We had good navigational aids in the form of map/compass and also 2 GPS units with tracks already saved. We have compiled this list of best spin bikes, in order to help you with …

In March 2014 I travelled to the Kola Peninsula in the far north of European Russia. The logistics of day 1 were interesting as it involved leaving Prague at 12.30pm, flying to St Petersburg before arriving in Murmansk at 2.30am. I repacked my bag and managed to lie down on  bench for 45mins before I went outsode to get the bus to the city centre. There I sourced some petrol for my stove whcih wasn’t easy as I had to ask a motorist to buy it for me as 5litres is the minimum buy and I just wanted 800ml! Then I took a bus, 2 hours to Olenegorsk, followed by a smaller bus to Revda one of the final settlements before the tundra wilderness extends east, arriving there at 12.30pm. After a short walk around and a visit to the local shop I met a local man with whom I spoke in Russian for several minutes.Hhe was surprised that i wanted to go alone to Seydozero lake and he gave me a good tip which was to take a taxi to the factory marking the start of the trailhead. It cost only 100rubles and was a good idea for the walk was uphill on  a boring asphalt road for 8km….Fitness


By 2pm I had signed myself in at the office as going through to the tundra and I was soon folowed by  a few dogs as I walked through the factory and upwards toward the pass some 7km away and several hundred metres higher. I soon put the snowshoes on and made good progress, reaching the pass within a few hours. The wind was blowing hard but I was well equipped. I was slightly concerned about finding the route down but in the end it was not a …

After what seems like an eternity we finally landed at the native village of Wales, the most western point of the United States of America after we started swimming from Cape Dezhnev, the most eastern point of Russia.

The swim took 6 days and the organisation took far, far longer….Fitness

To explain everything that happened both before and during the swim needs many thousands of words but needless to say massive kudos to all those involved over the years that helped to make this project succeed in 2013.

6 days is a quite a long time to cross an 86km strait but when you take into consideration the fact that we swum 134km in total and had to deal with waves of up to 4 or 5 metres, winds of up to 44knots, heavy rain, extremely strong currents, fog as thick as thick as candy floss and of course extremely cold water as low as 2c, it becomes apparent that it was a major achievement to make the crossing. Personally I am glad it was difficult not only because it was a tremendous adventure but because it meant that I got something lasting for all my dedication to do this for the last 2.5 years. I would say that the challenge was somewhere around 20% swimming, 40% psychological and 40% nature.

Fear, pain, fatigue, confusion, cold, sleep deprivation, seasickness, in the end I felt like we morphed from swimmers into 50% swimmer and 50% old school marine explorers such was the uniqueness of the challenge in the far north, well above the 10c July isotherm in an area described by one word…arctic.

This was a major success for the sport of winter swimming. There have only been two other swims that have been made at such a latitude in …

For the last few years I had been thinking more about making a trip to the arctic, combining winter swimming with traditional polar travel. This went from fanciful idea to reality, mainly as I realized that I had a lot of the necessary skills for such a trip, namely tolerance to cold, endurance and a general indifference to hardship both emotional and physical. (after dealing with a murder the former becomes easier)….


Well, I was something of an expert in tolerance to cold water so combining this with my abilities on cross country skis which I had been developing for the last 3 years I was looking forward to the trip with relish. I had visited arctic Alaska in 2011 and on that occasion I had recieved a wake up in the form of the powerful nature and therefore I prepared well and constantly compelled my club colleague and team mate for the trip Matej to do the same. An incredibly strong man but he was yet to taste the arctic so I had to reassure him that although western Spitzbergen might not be completely extreme it would certainly be no walk in the park as we flew into 78° north roughly halfway between the Norweigian mainland and the north pole.

I prepared well and with hindsight the only mistake was with the small amount of snacks packed to be eaten each day during the short breaks from skiing, (and even that was something I suspected). I was right that I had just enough snacks for 6 hours but after that it was a problem and so was the single 0.75l thermos. I was also right that the 50g of “hunters” salami would prove to be the tastiest of all the snacks. However, I was wrong about the …

Finally, almost 5 years after I first became invloved with this project and 2 years after the expedition was completed along with my manuscript, my first book “The Bering Papers”: an extreme winters wimmers story, published by Austin Macauley of London was released on November the 30th 2015.Fitness

The book is 313 pages long including around 45 photos, maps and charts and tells the story of an audacious idea originated by friends in Russia to be the first swimmers in history to cross the Bering Strait in it’s entirety  from continent to continent.

Little did I know in 2011 where my invlovement in this project would take me both physically and mentally. Now in the Bering Papers you will be able to read the full story for the first time.

I believe that it will be interesting for a wide range of people, not only lovers of winter swimming and other extreme sports but also those interested in people and places and real life events. There are around 6billion people in the world all with different experiences. In this book you will hear about some of those people scattered from the UK, to central Europe, the Russian far east, South Africa and America.……